On Line Colour Consultation

Let's use on-line technology for your Colour Analysis

  • Using Zoom or Messenger video call to connect
  • We will go through the detail of colour analysis, I will then analyse your Dominant colouring.
  • We will then go through some of the shades in your wallet, with a focus on the current season’s shades.
  • After the session, I will send out your swatch wallet of 30 shades (RRP £43),
  • Before the session I will ask you to forward a photograph of yourself.  During the session, I’ll ask you to have a number of tops in different colours.
  • When we get back to face to face meetings, you can top-up to a full colour analysis
  • On-line consultation 1 hour £75
  • Top-up consultation  1 hour £70 (including personalised gift with RRP £25)